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2022-2023 Paulo IS 75 Admissions- Basic Biographical & Academic Information

Dear Parent and Guardians:

The information provided in this E-form is used by Paulo Intermediate School staff to quickly and appropriately place your child in a class at our school. 

Please provide accurate answers to the questions found below. While entering this information, please do not refresh the page or use your browser's back button. Remember, you must complete the entire form and press "SUBMIT FORM."

  • Curriculum Options

  • Students have the opportunity to explore areas of interest outside of the major subjects, we call these classes minor subjects.

Minor subjects are grouped in three options, each with a specific focus.

Option #1 Band Major- Designed for students who want to play an instrument in either our Advanced or Beginner band. Advanced band is for students who have played an instrument for at least 2 years, Beginner band is for those with little or no experience with an instrument. Students in band are expected to stay in band for all three years at Paulo.

Option #2 Art Major- Designed for students with interest and ability in the visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture). Interested students should apply for this class by downloading, completing and submitting their version of the Art Talent Examination found below. Students in Art major are also expected to stay in Art Major for all three years at Paulo.

Option #3 Undecided- Designed for students who want to explore a variety of subjects. Classes offered fall under the general categories of Art, Technology, Dance, Drama, and Music. Undecided students will have 2 different minor classes each year, 6 different classes in their three years at Paulo.

After your child's major subject needs are met, every effort is made to place them in a class within their area of interest. These minor classes meet 1 period each day. Please select areas of interest below.

List of Allowed file types
  • Transportation

  • Consult the document below to determine the transportation options offered for your address. 6th graders must live more than 1 mile away for yellow bus. 7th & 8th graders MUST live 1.5 miles or more miles away for yellow bus.

**Important**-Future Operoo Parent/Guardian account setup instructions will be sent to the cell phone number and email entered below.**

By signing this E-form I am confirming that the child is eligible to attend IS 75 and all the information provided is accurate.

If updates to this form are necessary, please email Jennifer Gigliotti ( DO NOT submit another E-form.